Anastrozole: why bodybuilders need it


Anastrozole – a non-steroidal drug, manufactured by Balkan Pharmaceuticals Moldova. Trade name “Anastrozole” is the same and the name of the active substance – Anastrozolum, which is used in this preparation.

Anastrozole belongs to a highly selective inhibitors of aromatase (estrogen) of the third generation.

The release form – square yellow tablets, the active ingredient in the 1 tab. – 1 mg. Available in blister packs of 20 tablets. The package of 60 tablets, but here you can buy anastrozole in blister. Anastrozole price in pharmacies too high and more expensive times to 10 times than in our online shop.

WHY anastrozole bodybuilding?

Anastrozole does not replace a course of steroids, which are strongly flavored (Drugs with high androgen index.)

As we know excessive aromatization of steroids can cause the development of a variety of estrogen-dependent side effects:

  • development of gynecomastia
  • A set of fat in places that are typical for women (buttocks, hips, breasts)
  • Fluid retention in the body, as a result of the effect of “filled” the muscles, the muscles quickly “hammered” in training.
  • Elevated blood pressure

The use of anastrozole in the AU course avoids the side effects associated with steroid flavoring. Also receiving anastrozole on the course can improve the quality acquired by muscle (the effect of “the muscle stiffness), to increase the amount of free testosterone in the bloodstream of the athlete, leading to more effective drug used. Details

Anastrozole how to make?

Typically, bodybuilders of all kinds are beginning to take anastrozole, only when there are signs of gynecomastia or have gynecomastia appeared (though so we decided to make all preparations to combat gynecomastia).

The best option is renting analysis on estrogen levels, after 10 days, if you are using “short products” – testosterone propionate, methane, or 3-4 weeks if used drugs with a long half-life (testosterone enanthate, cypionate, Sustanon).

If signs of gynecomastia has not yet appeared, half tablets or 0.5 mg. received the next day, would be sufficient to moderate suppression flavoring and prevent side effects. After another 10-14 days, it is desirable to re-pass analysis on estradiol and, if necessary, adjust the dosage up or down. (If you suppress excessive flavoring, taking high dosages, it reduced the effectiveness of the course, and the overall health athlete may decreased libido)

Anastrozole can be administered at any time, regardless of the meal. But the most optimal would be taking the drug for 30 minutes before eating. In this case, the action stuff quickly enters the bloodstream. Read more

As a preventive measure for anastrozole taking 0.5 mg. in one day. Ate at you started the development of gynecomastia, you should take anastrozole 1 mg. everyday. After the disappearance of signs of gynecomastia, you should continue taking prophylactic doses of anastrozole.

Anastrozole in dosages of 1 mg. day courses taken at aromatizing drugs in high dosages.

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