Anastrozole: the use and side effects

Anastrozole (Anastrozole) – a powerful non-steroidal drugs used to suppress the phenomenon of depreciation.

Anastrozole description.

He acts, stopping the depreciation, as well as, ostanvlivaet body’s production of estrogen. Actually, he essentially differs from tamoxifen. It is only estrogen suppresses but does not prevent its occurrence.


One dose Anastrozol lowers the amount of estradiol in the blood within hours.

Those athletes who take a lot of steroids, the drug will be very useful, especially those whose body is prone to flavoring. Earlier, before the drug appeared, in order to prevent flavoring used two drugs: tamoxifen and proveron. Now, this need not. read more

Though when combined, these drugs are highly effective as anastrozole (Anastrozol) is more effective. A dose volume of 1 mg, gives a stunning effect.

During the application of much flavoring agents may be negative consequences, such as fluid retention and gynecomastia. These problems are neutralized without any problems.

And in combination with finasteride, the negative effects of the drugs is converted into Drostanolone actually lower. That’s all give your muscles a high density, as well as to increase them.

There are several important drawbacks discussed preparation:

For all its merits (reduction of estrogenic side effects), it lowers the quality of the positive estrogen, namely, reduces the formation of good cholesterol, which subsequently may cause heart disease. Because people who can threaten it is recommended to take tamoxifen, it only blocks the estrogen receptors, but does not affect the appearance of estradiol. Next negative – financial. The drug has a rather high price.

How to take anastrozole:

Take one tablet daily, or at the beginning of the course, or at the first appearance of symptoms flavoring.

Within 10-12 days, the drug is fully manifest all the properties.

Use only recommended in case of prolonged and challenging courses.

As with any drug, anastrozole has its side effects:

  • – Severe nausea;
  • – diarrhea;
  • – Severe weight loss;
  • – Vomiting;
  • – headache;
  • – An increased desire to sleep;
  • – The appearance of acne;
  • – hair loss;
  • – Allergic reactions.