Anastrozole in bodybuilding and fitness: how to use

The active chemical substance: anastrozole

Manufacturer: Balkanfarma

Concentration: 1 mg per 1 tablet.

The price is for 1 blister (20 tablets)

20 1mg tablets

Anastrozole – selective aromatase inhibitor. Anastrozole is used in bodybuilding absolutely at any level, as a freshman, and the hormone-replacement therapy. This preparation is necessary to suppress the flavoring process – the conversion of male hormones in the female. When it comes to the point, anastrozole – a drug that was originally used to maintain female hormonal levels. In bodybuilding it found other uses. This is an integral part of any progestagen course, which has the potential to lead to the flavoring. Details

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The use of anastrozole required for:

  • Reaction flavoring;
  • Suppression of gynecomastia in the early stages;
  • Prevention of fatigue and sleepiness;
  • Controlled set of excess fluid on the course;
  • Fast recovery rate (FCT);
  • Acceleration of muscle recruitment by the normal balance of male and female hormones.

How to receive anastrozole

If you sit on the “compote” drugs, which are easily flavored, then I recommend that you drink 0.5 tablets of anastrozole after 1-2 days. If your arms tests, and you know that aromatization in your body is not very pronounced, the anastrazole on a course at a dosage of one piece every 5-6 days is the most optimal scheme.

For flavoring preparations include: all testosterone esters (propionate, enanthate, cypionate, and others.), Methane (Danabol), methyltestosterone, Equipoise and halotest. Although the latter have a weak estrogenic activity. Read more

When gyno symptoms (itching in the nipples, falling libido, flooded, etc.) to take 1 tablet every day until symptoms disappear. there is an important caveat on the use of anastrozole in the instructions, which only a few know. To wash down pills only need water, they need to be taken on an empty stomach one hour after eating and one hour before the next meal. In this case, the assimilation is complete.

Of course, in addition to anastrozole 1mg rate used during PCT. When you stop to artificially raise the level of testosterone, aromatization remains at a high level. Anastrazolpozvolit suppress the conversion of the remaining testosterone into estrogen, thereby preventing a pronounced pullback phenomenon.

Anastrozole side effects

As with any other drug or drugs in anastrozole are a number of possible side effects. First of all, it is the excessive suppression of flavoring. Male body still need a small amount of female hormones, and anastrozole overdose may lead to their complete absence (zero estradiol levels). For this reason observe appropriate and recommended dosages of anastrozole.

Analogues of anastrozole

Quite often you can hear about the comparisons format: “anastrozole or tamoxifen,” “anastrozole or Proviron,” etc. In practice, such a parallel is not quite correct, since the drugs have different mechanisms of action.

Tamoxifen and Clomid – are drugs that “turn off” receptors that respond to female hormones. The body begins to think that you simply do not have estrogen, while their levels can be quite high. They apply to the PCT after the course so as not to lose muscle mass. During receiving estrogen level falls, but not by receiving Clomid with tamoksom.

Anastrozole does not allow the level of female hormones to climb the highest mark since blocks flavoring. That is why it is used also on the course. This is a completely different mechanism of action.

As for the dispute: “Proviron or anastrozole,” it is all quite simple. Proviron only slightly inhibits aromatase. It is used only for androgenic activity for improving the effectiveness of anabolic courses. With flavoring suppression tasks he can not cope, so it makes anastrozole.